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"No one can make you feel inferior without your permission ."

~ Eleanor Roosevelt~



Women's Power Lunch is the perfect place to start your networking in Pittsburgh. The women are both nurturing and very supportive.  I try to always fit in Power Lunches whenever I’m in town – great locations, great women, new businesses being announced all the time! Last year Beth Caldwell and I co-authored a book called “Inspired Entreprenuers – A Collection of Female Triumphs in Business and Life.” It was sitting at a Power Lunch, when I looked around at all the amazing women and their incredible stories, that the seeds for this book project took hold. A year later we had a book in our hands. That’s the POWER of POWER LUNCHES!!
~Debra Dion Krischke, Foodie Fundraising

Women's Power Lunch has proved very valuable to me. I have made important connections for speaking engagements and enrolling private coaching clients. Suzanne is wonderful and all the women are so interesting and helpful. Plus, it is always good food!
~Diane Fletcher, Life Coaching

Women's Power Lunch is a powerful networking opportunity for professional women in Pittsburgh and beyond. It's not your ordinary networking event--there's a warmth and camaraderie at these lunches that results in compassionate connections that benefit everyone, both personally and professionally. Be there!
~Gina Mazza, Writer, Editor, Author, Publishing Consultant

I am writing this testimonial for Joanne Quinn Smith of Dreamweaver Marketing who helped me put my business on the map through Web 20. She is helpful and knowledgeable and well-connected.
~Sanna Carapellotti, Pittsburgh Medical Hypnosis

I have enjoyed meeting new women at the Women's Power Lunch, talking about new ideas, hearing what other women are doing. Plus, I enjoy a good lunch.
~Sanna Carapellotti
, Pittsburgh Medical Hypnosis

I started attending the Women's Power Lunch about 4 months back. The very first meeting, just when I walked down the steps after finishing my 60 second commercial, a nice lady handed out her business card asking me to follow up. I followed up promptly and the lead has now converted into a customer of multiple projects. In the business world, it is rare to get a highly qualified lead in the very first networking event. This goes to say how effective and powerful, Power Lunch truly is. Thank you Suzanne Froehlich.
~Malini Sunthar, Dynamic Biz Solutions

Cassandra's Florals is delightful business and convenient and offers same day flower delivery. 
~Maryanne Barnes, Realtor

Women's Power Lunch has assembled countless new friends and customers, everybody will agree on that!
~Maryanne Barnes, Realtor

Three Men and A Truck and Nancy’s Best Organizing Services. Both of these business have exceeded my expectations. But, I expect a lot from Power Lunch Women and I am not disappointed. Women's Power Lunch is the only event I attend every time I can. Love the sites; enjoy seeing friends and meeting new women and finding new resources.
~Suzanne Caplan, Women Etc.

I have only been participating with the Power Lunch crowd for the last year. However, in that short period of time I have cultivated new friends and incredible mentors. Members are so willing to share their knowledge and assist in the success of others. This is priceless. Thanks Suzanne for bringing us all together.
~Julie Ann Sullivan, Learning Never Ends

Women's Power lunch has rewarded me with a rich combination of INTENSE networking and IMMENSE business opportunities. A noteworthy example is when I was asked by Womansplace in Mckeesport, "Have you ever considered designing jewelry for domestic violence awareness since you're a survivor?" On August 17, 2010, I launched the "Ring of Hope" Jewelry Campaign for domestic violence awareness. Power Lunch networking has created a circle of supporters among its participants: a foundation which spearheads long-term business and client relationships. A business can expand only as far as it effectively reaches out to others. My gratitude extends to Suzanne as the Power Lunch founder!
~Amelia Williams, Jewelry Designer, Wardrobe Image Stylist




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